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Complaint filed over possible unpermitted pre-construction activity at proposed solar site

Salinas Mayor Karilyn Bonilla Colón

By The Star Staff

Salinas Mayor Karilyn Bonilla Colón announced Wednesday that she submitted information to the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) about possible cases of excavation and removal of debris, and/or the felling of trees, without the required permits.

“In accordance with our commitment to the protection of natural resources, we refer for investigation a case of land excavation without the required permits, on the farm where the company AES proposes to install a solar park,” the mayor said. “According to the permit portal, the proponent filed a location inquiry, which is still being evaluated by the agencies. It is important to point out that our Municipality of Salinas does not endorse this project, due to the qualification and zoning of the land.”

The second case reported to the DNER concerns a farm adjacent to Paseo Ladi, where the DNER recently revoked the tree-cutting permit and issued a stop order. There are currently no approved cases in the permit system for the property.

“Our call to the agency is to proceed as soon as possible, and to carry out the corresponding investigations,” Bonilla Colón said. “All citizens should know that we will be vigilant to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations.”

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