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Controversy persists over transfer of Boquerón spa to the municipality

By The Star Staff

The Merchants Association of the village of Boquerón in Cabo Rojo described as “misguided” the statements of Natural and Environmental Resources Secretary Anaís Rodríguez Vega that the municipality of Cabo Rojo has not made any request to take over a spa in the southwestern coastal town.

Association president Henry Correa said Mayor Jorge Morales Wiscovitch and previous municipal administrations requested the transfer of the facilities’ operations to city hall.

“Former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló signed a bill to that end and nothing has been done,” Correa said. “[Former] Rep. Kebin Maldonado also did the same in the time he was in the Legislature.”

Correa noted that last March an activity called “Boquerón 2.0” was organized, in which an operation to begin rehabilitating the cabins at the spa was launched. More than 500 volunteers, the central government and all agencies participated, he said.

“It is time for Cabo Rojo to obtain the transfer of the resort as has happened in Fajardo,” he said. “We demand that Gov. Pedro Pierluisi make this a reality.”

Merchant Ángel Rodríguez pointed out meanwhile that they have been advocating for 12 years for the municipality of Cabo Rojo to take the reins of the Boquerón resort. He stressed that they have met with several mayors to raise concerns that the resort is deteriorating.

“If an action is not taken immediately so that the municipality of Cabo Rojo is in charge of the operation of the place, we will lose one of the great attractions of the western zone,” said the owner of the Boquemar Inn.

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