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CPAs to host women’s leadership conference next week

By The Star Staff

As part of the celebration of Women’s Week in Puerto Rico, the Certified Public Accountants Association of Puerto Rico (CCPA by its Spanish initials) will host a conference entitled “CPA Women: Promoting Multigenerational Leadership” on Wednesday, March 6 at its headquarters in Hato Rey, where women of all ages will be able to identify and develop skills for effective leadership.

“We invite women in our profession, students and all those who wish to develop their leadership potential to the fullest, to participate in this transformative event,” CCPA President Edmy Rivera said in a written statement. “We will explore the lasting impact that effective leadership can have across generations. Many times we associate leadership with being just a boss; however, being a leader goes beyond a position. It is about skills and tools that human beings can acquire to achieve their goals, improve their community and achieve life projects in general.”

The conference will feature testimonies from valuable resources, including the participation of prominent writer and speaker Mónica Díaz, who will share her knowledge and practical strategies for achieving leadership for the benefit of individuals, society and the practice of accounting.

During the event, a group of former CCPA presidents will participate in a panel discussion called “Vision and Perseverance.” They will offer unique insight into how long-term goals and perseverance have guided them to make a significant mark on the field of accounting and their careers.

Meanwhile, a group of young women CPAs will address the challenges and opportunities they face in the world of accounting. In this panel there will be an exchange of experiences, challenges overcome and successes achieved, providing a fresh and dynamic perspective.

The conference will run from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. To register, visit the website More information about the work and services offered by the CCPA can be found by accessing the organization’s accounts on the digital platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, under @colegiocpapr.

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