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CPAs to offer workshop on fraud next week

Certified Public Accountants Association of Puerto Rico President Edmy A. Rivera Colón (Facebook)

By The Star Staff

In view of data that points to an increase in acts of fraud, as well as the diversity of such act at both the private sector and government levels, the Certified Public Accountants Association of Puerto Rico (CCPA by its Spanish initials), at its headquarters in Hato Rey next Tuesday, Feb. 13, will host a conference where tools will be provided to accountants and auditors, as well as managerial leaders and administrative personnel, so that they can prevent and identify corruption in businesses, agencies and corporations, among other places.

“In recent years, cases of fraud and embezzlement have shaken Puerto Rico and the entire world, with an adverse impact on finances, credibility and reputation,” CCPA President Edmy A. Rivera Colón said. “With artificial intelligence and technology on the rise, these acts are becoming easier to perpetrate. In this conference we will present a survey that will help accountants, administrators and managers to prevent potential cases of fraud and, just as important, identify those illegal acts in their operations.”

The conference is titled “Fraud Dresses Up for Real. How to Deal with It?” and is the second part of a conference offered last December, Rivera Colón noted.

Among the specific topics at the forum, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., are money laundering, tax fraud; and the defense of suspicious employees. It will also present the anatomy of a scam, how it works, the identification of vulnerable groups, social engineering tactics, manipulation techniques, psychological tricks of employees, the emotional impact on victims and a survey of outstanding cases in recent times.

The conference will feature experts from various areas in the field, including staff from the Treasury Department, and José G. de Córdova Figueroa and Rolando López Rivera, both of whom are CPAs and attorneys. They will be joined by Osvaldo Carlo, founder of Carlo Law Office; Jorge Andújar Rosado, and U.S. Special Agents Pedro J. Ruiz and Peter López.

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