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CUD-AMSI collaborative agreement to assist small businesses in Caguas region

Through the new alliance, the United Retailers Center will offer its services from the Municipal Integrated Services Alliance’s location in Caguas, which will allow greater access for its membership to its support programs for small and midsize businesses.

By The Star Staff

Municipal Integrated Services Alliance Inc. (AMSI by its Spanish acronym) and the United Retailers Center (CUD) announced on Monday a collaborative agreement for the benefit of small and midsize businesses, as well as CUD partners in the East Central region of the island.

CUD President Lourdes Aponte Rodríguez said in a written statement that “it is very important to be a facilitator and support all the efforts that our entrepreneurs need to grow and continue the development of their companies and services offered.”

AMSI is a nonprofit organization that provides recruitment, employment, and training services for youth, adults, the unemployed, veterans, and Social Security disability beneficiaries.

Through the new alliance, the CUD will offer its services from AMSI’s location in Caguas, which will allow greater access for its membership to its support programs for SMEs. The services will be offered on an itinerant basis every first and third Friday of the month, from the AMSI facilities in Caguas, which are located on the sixth floor of the Consolidated Medical Plaza on José Gautier Benítez Avenue.

Likewise, CUD members will have access to the diversity of recruitment solutions offered by AMSI, including temporary employment services, salary incentives and direct recruitment and short training through its Training Lyceum.

The official announcement made by the two entities in Caguas included the signing of the collaborative agreement by Aponte Rodríguez; Vicky Cintrón de Azize, AMSI board chairwoman; and AMSI Executive Administrator Dr. Joaquín Santiago Santos. The event also included the participation and support of CUD partners from the Caguas region, as well as AMSI collaborators.

“With the signing of this innovative alliance, we reaffirm AMSI’s commitment to companies in need of human talent in Puerto Rico, as well as our support for SMEs as generators of economic development in the region,” Santiago Santos said. “With the start of CUD operations at AMSI in Caguas, we also began expanding access to recruitment opportunities and services for companies. We are proud that, through this alliance, AMSI will become the second home of CUD members, after its headquarters in Hato Rey.”

As part of the agreement, various joint coordination events will be held in other regions of Puerto Rico in order to expand access to the offers and programs of the CUD and AMSI. In the same way, calendars and notices will be established on the social networks of the entities to keep CUD members and AMSI trustees informed about the development of the events and available services.

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