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Dayanara Torres 30th Anniversary

Yolanda Rosalyn, Claudia Ferrer, Carla Campos

By The Star Staff

Champagne flowed, and sumptuous culinary delicacies complemented a spectacular evening commemorating Dayanara’s win as one of the most beautiful Miss Universes hailing from Puerto Rico in 1993.

Friends, family, and guests celebrated with the iconic beauty at the Don Rafa boutique hotel, making it even more special was the presence of her mother Lucy Delgado, and her sons Cristian y Ryan Adrian Muñiz.

Unique touches that elevated the festivities included a unique commemorative virtual presentation of Dayanara’s colleagues and friends from close and far away in the industry, as well as a one-of-a-kind artist onsite that drew caricatures of the guests as a special give-away token.

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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
Jun 04

Dayanara was one of the most stunning Puerto Ricans to ever win Miss Universe in 1993, and the evening was crowned geometry dash breeze with champagne and delectable gastronomic treats.

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