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Deadline for changing government health insurance is Feb. 14

Health Insurance Administration Director Roxanna Rosario

By The Star Staff

Health Insurance Administration (ASES) Director Roxanna Rosario on Monday urged all beneficiaries of the Puerto Rico government’s health plan, Vital, who wish to change plans to complete the process on or before Feb. 14, the date on which the open enrollment period ends.

“Any beneficiary who, for any reason, wants to change insurers has until Wednesday, February 14, to complete the process,” Rosario said in a written statement, noting that those who are satisfied with the services of their insurer do not have to go through any process and will continue to receive their services as usual. “After this date, the change can only be made as long as there is a just cause.”

To change his or her insurer, the beneficiary can use the ASES Vital App, call the enrollment counselor at 1-833-253-7721, or by accessing the web page.

“The process is simple,” the official said. “There are several ways to do this; through our application, advice via phone and/or for those who master technology, through the website.”

Rosario clarified that beneficiaries can change insurers without having to change their doctor and/or primary medical group.

“The alternative is the beneficiary’s,” she said. “You can change insurers and primary care physicians and primary medical groups as well. But you can stay with the same doctor or medical group if you want to.”

The official emphasized that only those beneficiaries who make the change of insurer will receive a new plan card corresponding to the selected insurer. Currently, the insurers contracted under the Vital Plan are First Medical, MMM, Plan de Salud Menonita and Triple S.

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