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Doctors: Underreported conditions could be adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccinations

Rep. Lisie Burgos Muñiz


The House Committee on Social Welfare for People with Disabilities and Older Adults continued hearings Wednesday on House Resolution 477, which seeks an investigation on the executive branch’s handling of all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, hearing expert testimony that adverse effects of vaccinations are being under-reported.

“This is the third public hearing held in order to know everything that has to do with COVID-19, since it began in 2020,” Committee Chairwoman Lisie Burgos Muñiz said. “In addition, to investigate the adverse effects that we have already seen here in Puerto Rico from the injections.”

The legislator stressed that she had filed 18 measures against the imposition of the vaccinations in Puerto Rico, all of which were defeated.

“Measures have been put in place for those who attended to the situation and protected the population, but these have been defeated in the Committee; that is, they have not moved past first base,” Burgos Muñiz added. “These [measures] were [filed] according to what the people asked us to do.”

The public hearing was attended by Dr. Ruth Carro, Dr. Julia Vázquez Martirena and Dr. Héctor Cintrón Principe, all of whom expressed opposition to vaccination against COVID-19.

Dr. Carro highlighted how patients in her practice are presenting, each more frequently, post-vaccination health situations.

“My patients report that they are not the same since they were vaccinated against COVID-19, and when they see their doctor he or she rules out that it is linked to [the vaccination],” Carro said. “Reports are not being made as it was necessary to do when confronted with a new product under emergency authorization.”

“It was not up to any health care provider to determine if a post-vaccination condition was triggered by the vaccine or not, but rather to report it,” she added.

Carro urged that the Department of Health be forced to discuss the lack of adverse event reporting and reporting to health care providers, for the well being of the population and children. She also urged that the central government present mortality data and morbidity by age, including abortions, compared to other years.

Cintrón Príncipe, a gynecologist, likewise stressed that in his medical office he has found several adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine such as excessive menstrual bleeding, muscle and joint pain, and difficulty walking, among others.

“Under the principle of first do no harm, there are overarching reasons to request that mandatory inoculation be stopped and that more investigation be done about these adverse effects, even more so in children,” he said.

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