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Energy Bureau highlights integration of smart meters in LUMA plan


In an ongoing effort to transform and modernize the island’s electrical system, the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) highlighted a recent announcement regarding the integration of smart meters into the electricity grid.

PREB President Edison Avilés Deliz noted that “in the process of promoting a progressive and cutting-edge public policy, in the resolution and order of February 27, 2023 in the case NEPR-MI-2021-0004, the Energy Bureau put in the foreground the prevailing need to implement smart meters.”

“We are pleased to see that [transmission and distribution system operator] LUMA [Energy], in accordance with the mandate of the Bureau, has incorporated this imperative into its strategy for the coming years,” he said.

Smart meters represent much more than just a technological change, Avilés Deliz said.

“They are the core of a futuristic vision where electricity consumption is managed in real-time and allows dynamic control of the electricity grid,” he said. “These devices will modernize the way consumers and the operator interact, providing immediate visibility into disruptions and enabling faster response to such eventualities.”

In addition, the advance will facilitate a more personalized interaction with the users of the system, offering differentiated rates, analysis of consumption behavior and, most importantly, the possibility of responding more accurately to emergencies, considering factors such as the medical need of residents, the PREB chief said.

Smart meters are also essential for a greener energy future in Puerto Rico, the official continued. The devices facilitate the incorporation of more clean energies, such as solar and wind. By providing accurate and up-to-the-moment information, smart meters enable the efficient connection and use of renewable sources, ensuring that the electricity system is more robust and environmentally friendly.

“This is just the beginning of an electrical transformation that will take Puerto Rico to be on par with the most advanced standards globally,” Avilés Deliz said. “The benefits are multifaceted, from reducing emergency response time to providing a more efficient and personalized service to our citizens.”

The PREB is an arm of the Public Service Regulatory Board.

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