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Evangelical minister & House candidate takes issue with governor’s religious conversion

Stephen David Gil Álamo

By The Star Staff

In response to Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia’s recent statements about being a born-again Christian, a Dignity Project (PD by its Spanish initials) candidate for the island House of Representatives, Stephen David Gil Álamo, reacted angrily this week to what he considers to be the use of God and religion to advance political agendas.

Gil Álamo, an evangelist who is running for the District 38 (Carolina, Canóvanas and Trujillo Alto) House seat, said: “If it were true, we would be very happy, but what a coincidence that they [the governor’s statements] are made two months before the primaries.”

“Why didn’t he make them from the beginning of his term?” the PD candidate said in a written statement. “With this announcement, the Christian community of Puerto Rico is asking: What is your position on abortion, gender ideology, religious freedom and the right of Puerto Ricans to decide on the treatment to follow in a pandemic and not force them to be vaccinated in violation of their rights?”

“We see once again how desperation has led the New Progressive Party to seek new strategies aimed at attracting the Faith Community, a significant sector of the country, in a last-minute action, knowing that the Church can decide the general election,” the radio and television journalist said. “How unfortunate it is to see how Christianity is used for partisan purposes when those of us who are ministers know what it means to be real followers of Christ.”

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