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Ex-Medical Sciences Campus chancellor’s case referred to gov’t ethics office

Dr. Ilka Ríos Reyes, former chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus

By The Star Staff

The Special Independent Prosecutor Panel (PFEI by its Spanish initials) referred to the Government Ethics Office on Wednesday a complaint examined by the Department of Justice against Dr. Ilka Ríos Reyes, a former chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus.

The Justice Department referral, with a recommendation for the appointment of a special independent prosecutor (FEI), was based on the fact that the official allegedly engaged in reprisals against Cristina Parés Alicea.

It was reported that Dr. Aymat Santana signed the complaint with the Justice Department.

The complaint alleged that, as a result, Ríos Reyes engaged in a pattern of reprisals, including some against Parés Alicea for allegedly having served as a witness in a lawsuit filed by Santana.

The PFEI established in its resolution that, from the Justice report, the quantum of evidence necessary to appoint an FEI that would deepen the investigation with respect to the complaint was not reached.

However, the PFEI members also said in the resolution that from the testimonies and evidence collected by the Justice Department, evidence emerges to consider that Ríos Reyes may have engaged in conduct sanctioned by law, which must be addressed within the administrative scope of the Government Ethics Law.

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