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Ex-Tourism Co. director enters San Juan mayoral race as PDP candidate

Terestella González Denton

By The Star Staff

Terestella González Denton, a former director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, on Monday confirmed her candidacy for mayor of San Juan in the 2024 elections under the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) banner.

González Denton’s campaign made public specific data about the candidate in order to guide San Juan voters:

“• She is pure Sanjuanera, a resident of Santurce.

• She is a lawyer with a solid background in politics and international relations.

• She was head of the Tourism Company under [Aníbal] Acevedo Vilá government from 2005 to 2009.

• Previously, she was director of tourism in the Municipality of San Juan under the administration of Sila María Calderón between 1998 and 2001.

• In 1988, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus.

• She received a master’s degree in European international relations in Spain and a certificate in German languages from the Diplomatic School of Vienna.

• In 1997, she completed a Juris Doctor degree from Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.

• She was recognized by the international publication Travel Weekly as an international leader in the tourism industry.

• Since leaving the government a decade ago, she has been in the private sector and in the teaching profession, with no political activities. This is his first time running for office.

• She was dean of the International School of Tourism at Ana G. Méndez University and is highly recognized and respected in the tourism and business sectors.

• González Denton also directed the first business incubator aimed at tourism at Universidad Ana G. Méndez.”

“I’m here to focus on issues like economic development, infrastructure, security, education and health,” the candidate said. “Specifically, my campaign is going to be focused on attracting those people who, perhaps, moved away in the last elections, people who want to aspire to a better city. I want to appeal to the young people who are going to cast their first vote in 2024.”

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