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‘Father Leo’ retires from San Germán parish

By John McPhaul

After 20 years of faithful service and dedication to the parishioners and community in general, the Reverend Father Ángel Leonides Soto Barreto, better known as Father Leo, officially said goodbye on Sunday to the San Germán de Auxerre Parish, located in the heart of Las Lomas de Santa Marta.

“We recognize and congratulate you, thank you for your love and dedication to the people of our town,” San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera said when delivering the congratulatory motion prepared for such an important occasion.

Born on April 3, 1967 in Moca to Ángel Soto Barreto and Leonor Barreto Hernández, Father Leo, has service as his guiding light, along with being an agent of spiritual support to citizens across Puerto Rico, which he fulfilled among the sangermeños.

“His years of service have been spent in our San Germán de Auxerre Parish, Our Lady of Candelaria Cathedral in Mayagüez, Santa Rosa de Lima Parish in Rincón, and Santuario de la Monserrate in Hormigueros, among other places,” said the mayor, who thanked Father Leo “on behalf of all Sangermeños,” for the passion with which he gave himself to the service of others without expecting anything in return.

“Today you say so long, as you accept the new assignment now presented to you on the path of life, that we know very well that you will fulfill with the highest honors,” Olivera said. “Meanwhile, on our part, thank you for having touched and healed the hearts of so many Sangermeños. Thank you for so much, Father Leo!”

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