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FBI arrests 18-year-old from Adjuntas for threats related to last year’s school shooting in Texas

By The Star Staff

The FBI has arrested an 18-year-old woman, Victoria Gabriela Rodríguez Morales, from Adjuntas, accusing her of issuing threats related to the May 2022 school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that resulted in the deaths of 19 children and two adults.

According to federal authorities and stateside media, the threats made by Rodríguez Morales targeted public institutions, officials, and private citizens in Texas. Consequently, she stands in violation of federal laws regarding the use of interstate communications. The threats, which commenced as early as 2020, continued even after the massacre and into the early months of 2023, authorities said. Rodríguez Morales allegedly used various means to convey her threats, including her mother’s phone.

In a twisted tale of association, Rodríguez Morales claimed to be the ex-girlfriend of Salvador Ramos, the identified shooter in the Uvalde massacre. Her messages, laden with threats, also suggested she might have been involved in planning the bloodbath.

The FBI launched a thorough investigation into the matter, which included executing search warrants on social media accounts, emails, and phone records. The meticulous scrutiny led to the conclusion that Rodríguez Morales was indeed responsible for the threatening messages. Furthermore, surveillance confirmed that she is a student at a university in Puerto Rico.

Upon her arrest, federal prosecutors have requested Rodríguez Morales be held without bail until trial. They have emphasized her extreme hostility toward public functions and officials, making it necessary to keep her in custody for public safety.

The case of Rodríguez Morales underscores the grave dangers of online threats and the pivotal role of federal agencies in identifying and apprehending individuals who pose a threat to public safety. The outcome of the case could potentially serve as a deterrent to similar acts in the future, authorities said, reminding the public of the serious repercussions of threatening violence.

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