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Fewer road deaths recorded in January compared to year-ago period

Traffic Safety Commission Executive Director Luis Rodríguez Díaz

By The Star Staff

The Traffic Safety Commission (CST by its Spanish initials) on Thursday reported a reduction in road fatalities at the beginning of 2024, with 13 fewer deaths when compared to those that occurred in 2023 by the end of January.

According to CST statistics, 29 fatalities were reported in January 2023, while this year the same month ended with 16 roadway deaths.

“Although one death is too many, the result of the decrease in fatalities on Puerto Rico’s roads shows that the culture of road safety continues to be entrenched in all drivers,” CST Executive Director Luis Rodríguez Díaz said. “We are more focused on developing new projects, programs and strategies this year so that the message of each of the CST’s campaigns has a direct effect on the awareness of all drivers.”

The category with the greatest reduction is pedestrians, followed by drivers. As of early Thursday, four pedestrian fatalities had been reported this year, which is 11 fewer than last year. Meanwhile, six driver fatalities had been recorded so far this year, one less than in 2023 at the same date. Similarly, deaths of passengers, cyclists, riders and those related to events with all-terrain motorbikes were reduced.

In the same vein, no fatalities associated with the San Sebastián Street Festival were recorded this year. During the annual event, the CST team was active in guiding attendees on the importance of handing over the care keys and the levels of alcohol allowed by law. In that effort they had the collaboration of business owners, the Municipality of San Juan and Municipality of Cataño, as well as the municipal police in both cities.

An increase in motorcycle fatalities was recorded last month, however with four deaths, three more than were reported in January 2023.

“During the first quarter of 2024, we are going to be more deliberate in the campaigns [directed at] motorcyclists, expanding collaboration with dealers and motorcycle organizations to reach more people with the message of the importance of wearing the right clothing that can protect them in the event of a crash,” Rodríguez Díaz said. “And in the same way, emphasizing the importance of all motorcyclists having the M1 or M2 permits that are processed at CESCO.”

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