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Fricassée Festival to be held June 4

The island’s biggest pot of chicken fricassée (fricasé de pollo) will once again be a primary attraction on June 4 at this year’s Fricassée Festival in Naranjito.

By The Star Staff

The Fricassée Festival will be held Sunday, June 4 in the Naranjito public square, where the tradition of preparing the largest fricassée in Puerto Rico has been maintained since 2013.

With free admission, those who attend the event can enjoy a varied gastronomic, cultural and musical offering.

“This year 2023 we have the pleasant surprise that the largest chicken fricassée will be made by municipal personnel, specifically cooks from the CADAL program of the Elderly and Women’s Affairs Office,” Naranjito Mayor Orlando Ortiz Chevres said. “The involvement of this group means the fricassée will be prepared by Naranjito hands.”

It should be noted that this year the event will be dedicated to the late Jesús Morales, who participated in all the past fricassée festivals in Naranjito and died from an explosion in the kitchen where he produced his delicacies for all kinds of activities.

The mayor noted that the Friccasée Festival will include agricultural kiosks, and participating food vendors will include restaurants El Limbo, Steak by Ricky Nieves, Quick Lunch, El Rincón del Pon, Manny’s Catering and La Vieja Historia. They will offer an appetizing menu of chicken, pork, goat, turkey and rabbit fricassée, among many other ways the dish can be prepared.

The event will feature performances by Child Troubadours, the Municipal Dance Group, the Naranjito Fine Arts Program, New Culture, Trio Los Condes, Plena Libre and Willito Otero, and the closing act will be merenguero Manny Manuel.

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