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Frontier launches additional direct routes to Puerto Rico

The new routes increase to 20 the number of Frontier Airlines direct routes to Puerto Rico.

By The Star Staff

Six of eight new direct Frontier Airlines routes began Thursday at Luis Muñoz Marín, Rafael Hernández and Mercedita airports, which add over $113 million to the island economy.

“Frontier’s expansion on the island raises the number of its direct routes to 20, injects an estimated $113.5 million into the local economy, and contributes to the creation of new jobs,” Puerto Rico Tourism Company Executive Director Carlos Mercado Santiago said.

Alfredo González, Frontier’s international sales manager, noted that the airline’s “expansion in Puerto Rico will connect the island with several of the most popular destinations throughout the United States, as well as Cancún.”

“Puerto Ricans will have greater access to Frontier’s ‘Low Fares Done Right’ program,” he added.

Edward Zayas, Discover Puerto Rico’s chief strategy officer, pointed out how tourism improves Puerto Rico’s economy, increasing air capacity, generating employment, and strengthening the visitor economy.

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Rose Rose
Rose Rose
May 06, 2023


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