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Governing body upholds COPUR’s disaffiliation of soccer federation

Casa Olímpica in Old San Juan, home of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (COPUR) on Monday received the decision of the Swiss Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on the case of the disaffiliation of the Puerto Rican Soccer Federation.

According to the determination, “the Court of Arbitration for Sport resolves: the appeal filed by the Puerto Rican Soccer Federation against the resolution issued by the Plenary of the Executive Committee of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee, on March 27, 2023, in the procedure CAS 2023/A/9573 Puerto Rican Soccer Federation v. Puerto Rico Olympic Committee is dismissed.”

The decision rendered by the panel of three judges was unanimous and is final. In addition, CAS regulations do not allow the award to be made public until May 14.

The Puerto Rican Soccer Federation (FPF by its Spanish initials) was sanctioned due to its disaffiliation by the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (COPUR). The disaffiliation occurred following the approval of a new constitution for the FPF in 2022 that did not recognize the authority of COPUR’s Court of Arbitration and Sports Appeals to resolve controversies between its members.

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