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Guánica city hall, damaged by earthquake, is demolished

Guánica City Hall, which was built in 2007, was declared unusable after rigorous structural studies were conducted in the wake of the 2020 earthquakes.

By The Star Staff

Guánica Mayor Ismael “Titi” Rodríguez Ramos announced that on Tuesday morning the total demolition had begun of the building that housed the old Guaniqueña mayor’s office.

The structure was seriously damaged as a result of the earthquakes of 2020.

After rigorous structural studies, it was determined that the building was unusable. The municipality in turn determined that it would erect a new building that will combine commercial spaces on the first floor and administrative offices on the remaining floors.

The structure was built in 2007. In March, the process of dismantling everything related to doors, windows and metal parts of the structure began.

“What we are doing today is part of a project that includes improvements in the urban center, such as the remodeling of the famous boardwalk that borders the bay, as well as the public square,” Rodríguez Ramos said in a written statement. “The goal is to promote the development of trade in the area, as well as tourism.”

After the earthquake of January 2020, the municipal administration could not offer services again in the structure that bore the name of former Gov. Sila María Calderón.

“In May 2021, we inaugurated the … provisional mayor’s office in the facilities of the Artisan Tourist Kiosks on highway PR-333,” the mayor said. “The recovery of Guánica is going step by step and we are constantly following up on pending projects.”

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