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Gubernatorial hopeful Ortiz González presents his campaign team

Popular Democratic Party President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González, who is seeking to become the party’s gubernatorial candidate, on Tuesday presented the team that will be in charge of all of his campaign affairs for the June 2024 primaries.

The group is made up of veteran PDP politicians, women and leaders from various parts of the island.

“I wanted to put together a varied team that represents the reality of our party,” Ortiz González said. “That is, a team where experience, career direction and youth converge and, above all, a team committed to Puerto Rico.”

Ingrid Colberg, who was PDP deputy secretary under the presidency of Charlie Delgado Altieri and led the Ports Authority under the administration of Alejandro García Padilla, will assume the role of campaign director. She is joined by Rep. Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porras, who will serve as senior advisor, and serving as general coordinator will be former Adjuntas mayoral candidate Víctor “Vitito” Pérez.

“As campaign manager, Ingrid Colberg will bring her strategic experience and leadership, playing a critical role in the planning and execution of the election campaign,” the candidate said. “She knows the workings of political affairs and enjoys the respect and recognition of our party leaders. For his part, Rep. Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porras is a legislator whom I respect and thank for his willingness to collaborate in strengthening the campaign and advising on key issues. Meanwhile, Vitito Perez will be in charge of coordinating the campaign.”

To coordinate the spokespersons of the campaign, Ortiz González will have the support of a group of legislators who have joined his crusade, including Sen. Migdalia González Arroyo, the former secretary of the party, and Reps. Ramón Luis Cruz Burgos and José Rivera Madera. Meanwhile, Rep. Juan José Santiago will serve as municipal coordinator.

Financial matters will be handled by Harry Vega, Suleira Quiñones and Pedro Crespo. Crespo was part of Ortiz González’s financial team during the PDP presidential campaign.

“Three issues of importance in any campaign are the Government Plan, the electoral issue and the mobilization of voters or Get Out The Vote [GOTV],” Ortiz González said. “For director of public policy, I have appointed Lizamarie Serrano, a young [PDP] woman who has stepped forward to direct it. Lizamarie is a lawyer by profession specializing in public policy and management. I am convinced that her sensitivity and knowledge of the issues will contribute to the drafting of a Plan that contains solutions to improve the quality of life of Puerto Ricans. The electoral team will be under the charge of former electoral commissioner and former secretary general of the PDP, Miguel Ríos Torres and Jehu Santiago [respectively]. Meanwhile, GOTV will be in the hands of Julia Torres, a woman who has fought many times for our party and who was the former secretary general of our party and former executive director of the Office of Special Communities under former governor Sila María Calderón.”

Ortíz González added that Omar Vázquez will be in charge of field operations and Jossie Vega will be the director of communications.

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