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Home construction vouchers reach eligible residents of northeastern towns


Carolina District Sen. Marissa “Marissita” Jiménez Santoni delivered more vouchers to residents of the municipalities of Carolina, Loíza, Luquillo, Río Grande and Canóvanas on Monday for the purchase of building materials for homes.

“We continue to deliver vouchers to people with very specific needs throughout the District of Carolina,” the senator said. “In this way, we are helping many residents who, for one reason or another, still do not qualify for financial aid, of any kind, after the passage of hurricanes Maria and Fiona through the region.”

“So, this represents a great relief for many of them,” she added. “Well, the reality is that, in some cases, they still do not have the [proof of] ownership required by the different agencies.”

“This makes it largely impossible for constituents to obtain or retain any form of state or federal aid,” Jiménez Santoni stressed. “In addition, we attended to, responsibly, other types of cases, including fires or very particular events …” she said “We will continue to help our people so that they can have homes in optimal condition.”

The New Progressive Party legislator noted that the voucher recipients were selected after a rigorous process of evaluation and analysis of cases.

“This financial aid is exclusively for the purchase of building materials and represents great blessings for people who qualify,” Jiménez Santoni said. “We visited the cases and we evaluated them one by one; after that we required some documents of people in order to help them.”

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