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House to look into alleged poor working conditions at State Insurance Fund Corp.

House Labor Affairs Committee Chairman Domingo Torres García

By The Star Staff

House Labor Affairs Committee Chairman Domingo Torres García announced an investigation into allegations of office overcrowding and poor working conditions at the State Insurance Fund Corporation (SIF).

The lawmaker announced the probe after participating over the weekend in a protest by State Insurance Fund Corp. workers. The entity is in charge of managing workmen’s compensation claims.

“The claims of unionized employees are severe,” said Torres García, who promised a thorough investigation of the accusations. “According to them, the SIF has closed pharmacies, delayed appointments, has not hired medical specialists, and has failed to provide medical treatment, which has affected the medical services offered by the Corporation, and in turn, affects the working conditions of the unionized workers.”

“My intention is not to hinder the collective bargaining process but to contribute to the fact that the parties have to sit at the table and that the administration has to submit the information to the union,” he added.

The District 25 legislator emphasized that he is in solidarity with the SIF employees and reported that he participated in the strike along with fellow lawmakers from Ponce Ángel “Tito” Fourquet Cordero and José “Chito” Rivera Madera.

“As part of my commitment to the country’s workers, we commit ourselves to delving into what the union alleges so as to identify resources that will allow the SIF to function optimally,” Torres García said.

Among the complaints made by unionized employees are that the workers do not have adequate workspaces and that the facilities are deteriorating.

“As president of the Labor Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, I will carry out a comprehensive investigation, together with other colleagues, to address these claims and bring the necessary information to light,” Torres García said. “The Administrator of the State Insurance Fund has indicated that he is surprised because they have taken affirmative measures to deal with the claims. However, we will request information to validate these supposed affirmative actions.”

The lawmaker added that there is also a claim in the SIF regarding salaries, which is why, to elucidate the controversy, he will request information from both the union and the SIF administration.

“There are many problems that have been exposed and pointed out during this strike process, so we will not go unnoticed or minimize the claims of these employees,” Torres García said. “It is time to discover in depth what is happening with this public corporation and finally do justice to these workers.”

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