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House urged to approve bill that obligates LUMA to grant payment plans

Sen. Juan Oscar Morales

By The Star Staff

San Juan District Sen. Juan Oscar Morales is asking the island House of Representatives to urgently approve Senate Bill 1380, which imposes on LUMA Energy the responsibility of granting payment plans with a maximum deposit of up to 10%.

The measure also establishes a new payment structure for LUMA customers in the event of arrears. If the debt is less than $12,000, the balance would be divided over a period of 24 months.

If the debt is between $12,000 and $24,000, the balance would be distributed over 36 months, and if it is from $24,001 to $34,000, the balance would be distributed over 40 months. If it is greater than $34,001, then the term would be 48 months.

“LUMA cannot expect the recovery of what is owed to be established in such a way as not to allow the consumer the flexibility to be able to make such payments,” Morales said. “Faced with this situation, it is desirable to establish a payment plan, fair for all parties, that allows the recovery of what is owed for electricity service so that it can be complied with, with a reasonable deposit.

“This bill has been pending in the House since April 23 after being discharged,” he added. “I call on the representatives to approve the measure urgently in the face of the reality that service is being cut off and people cannot pay the onerous deposits that LUMA is requesting right now.”

The bill amends Article 1, in addition to adding a new article, Article 5, to Law 39-2020, better known as the “Law to Prohibit the Interruption of Electricity and Drinking Water Services During the Term of OE-2020-023 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic,” in order to authorize the establishment of payment plans for the amount owed for drinking water and electricity services.

The bill prohibits shutting off services if they are under the parameters of a payment plan.

“Our intention is to be able to offer financial relief opportunities to our communities, so that all customers who receive electricity and drinking water services in Puerto Rico will be able to pay off their debts in a way that is more sensitive to their current economic realities,” the senator said. “The reconstruction of our economy is not only for public finances, but it has to allow our people to be able to get back on their feet, step by step.”

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