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ICF identifies body of nurse found in Carolina

Erick Muñoz Barreto (Facebook)

By The Star Staff

The Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) on Wednesday identified a body found in the municipality of Carolina by comparing dental x-rays.

A family member authorized for the identification process was notified Wednesday that the forensic odontologist’s report concluded that the body in ICF custody was that of Erick Muñoz Barreto, 27, a nurse who worked at a San Juan metro area hospital.

The Carolina resident had been reported missing early on March 11 and his body was found a short while later. The autopsy was performed on March 12.

Muñoz Barreto’s body, which according to reports had been found by police with several gunshot wounds in the back, partially burned and lying next to a burned out Ford Taurus, was being prepared for delivery to the funeral home selected by the family.

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