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In western region, PDP resident commissioner candidate talks economic development

Pablo José Hernández Rivera, the Popular Democratic Party candidate for resident commissioner

By The Star Staff

Pablo José Hernàndez Rivera, the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for resident commissioner in the 2024 elections, has been spending time in the western region of Puerto Rico recently, meeting with local leadership. The main topic in the meetings has been reorienting the work of the island’s delegate to the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. toward promoting economic development, after what Hernàndez Rivera says have been 20 years of failed attempts focused only on Puerto Rico’s political status.

“This morning we were in San Germán with Nelson ‘Crucito’ Cruz, municipal legislator of the PDP, and ex-senator Jorge Ramos Vélez,” Hernàndez Rivera said last Friday. “The west side of the island needs a resident commissioner who represents the interests of everyone, which are economic development and economic well-being, and not just of some selected individuals, as the New Progressive Party has done over the past 20 years with plebiscites.”

Ramos Veléz added that during a meeting at El Trapiche de San Germán bakery various topics were discussed, such as the municipal development plan, assigning federal funds and various proposals for the elderly and youth of the region.

The candidate also visited Villa Pesquera de Puerto Real in Cabo Rojo to speak with various leaders of the region, and met with Hormigueros Mayor Pedro García and ex-district lawmaker Carlos Bianchi Angleró. The Hormigueros mayor told Hernàndez Rivera about his town’s need for development in the areas of housing and social interest projects to close the actual deficit of 600 units.

“The Hormigueros municipality has been acquiring land in the urban area to develop this initiative,” García said. “That night there was a conversation with the district representative Joel Sánchez at the Douglas Highway Inn in Cabo Rojo.”

On Saturday, Hernàndez Rivera visited the Cabo Rojo market square, followed by a well-attended antiques fair at Inter-American University of San Germán. He also visited former San Germán mayor Isidro Negrón Irizarry and former

Senate president Antonio Fas Alzamora.

“In each of the towns that I have visited, the claim is basically the same: people who are members of the PDP, as well as other parties and non-affiliates, recognize the importance of economic development in all its aspects,” the candidate said. “I’m going directly to Washington for that, and in that mission I have everyone’s support.”

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