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Isabel Sanchis: At the top of the industry

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

For 30 consecutive years, Isabel Sanchis has been dreaming, sketching and producing looks that have captivated the industry, bewitched followers and pleased critics all over the world. If I would have to guess I would say the art of creating beauty through silhouettes, color and textiles is part of her DNA. It’s in her blood. Oh. add to that the art of consistency … because we all know a fashion designer is as good as the last collection showed.

Sanchis is at the top of her game. Just recently she added a new prestigious award to her prolific career, “Best Fashion Collection Fall Winter 2023” at this year’s Madrid Fashion Week.

“This collection is strong, powerful, volumetric,” Sanchis said. “It dresses the woman we all want to be.”

Talking about the woman she has in mind when creating a collection, Sanchis is globally minded.

She explained that she designs for “all and every woman,” not a particular one.

“We think about all kinds of women, because we sell (our clothing line) in the United States, Europe, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates,” she said. “We design for all cultures and sizes; that is why we have variety in each collection, so that any woman can see herself represented in our brand.”

The gifted Spanish couturier has two signature elements that have worked magic for the brand since the beginning: flowers and volume. Her designs are feminine and powerful. Flowers are not used just to accessorize, flowers are statements. Her use of volume is also fabulous. Blouses with dramatic long sleeves, romantic wide cuffs and soft bows are objects of desire. Sanchis masters couture techniques of yesterday and utilizes them with a contemporary approach that results in very cool, clever, and modern pieces. Her collections, while highly polished and architectural, are wearable and functional. While perfectly worthy of being exhibited in museums, these creations are designed to be bought and worn. They belong in your closet.

Her FW2024 collection is brilliant and full of favorites. Shoulder pads, cut-out waists, hardware, Swarovski ornaments and halter tops. Sanchis presented pleated and draped goddess inspired designs in her signature black, also orange, yellow, pistachio, and chocolate. Yes, imagine that. Vaporous evening gowns in one of the most forgotten and complex colors to pull off -- chocolate. And actually making it glamorous. Sheer silk dresses were accented with glittering hardware in the shape of circles, snakes and ovals for perfect Red Carpet looks.

She also redefined the power suit, especially tailored suit jackets. Pleated suit jackets we all adore: sharp lines, rich textiles, and bold colors like gray, orange and black are fantastic. We loved the slim-fit suit jackets in houndstooth patterns, simply perfection. Add the monochromatic oversized flower on the lapel, and you have got yourself a conversation piece.

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