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Labor Council for Latin American Advancement names first Puerto Rican president

Evelyn DeJesus

By The Star Staff

The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) announced its newly elected executive board members, executive board officers and leadership over the weekend, unanimously electing Puerto Rican labor leader Evelyn DeJesus to a four-year term as its new president.

On Saturday, delegates from a variety of backgrounds, industries and unions came together to cast their votes for the future leadership of the organization, the LCLAA said in a press release. The newly elected board members bring with them a wealth of experience and a passion for advancing the rights and well-being of Latino/a workers, the LCLAA said. Their expertise spans various fields, including advocacy, legal representation, community organizing and education, ensuring a well-rounded and dynamic leadership team committed to achieving the organization’s mission and objectives, the organization said.

“Furthermore, LCLAA proudly welcomes its newly elected president, Evelyn DeJesus, as a historic milestone in the organization’s journey,” the press release said. “Evelyn becomes the first Puertorriqueña and second Latina to hold this esteemed position, exemplifying the organization’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and gender equity within its ranks. Her exceptional leadership and dedication to empowering Latino/a workers have already made a profound impact on the community, and her election marks a turning point in the pursuit of social justice for all Latinos/as.”

DeJesus, who is from New York City, is the executive vice president of the American Federation of Teachers. She is also the president of the National Association for Bilingual Education, and is a board member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and the National Immigration Forum, among other leadership positions.

The LCLAA, based in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to advocating for fair labor practices, promoting workers’ rights, and fostering a supportive community for Latinos/as and their families. The new board is now under the leadership of DeJesus, Executive Vice President Xochitl Cobarruvias and Secretary-Treasurer Sergio Rascon.

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