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Labor Dept. launches ‘Dress for Success’ project

By The Star Staff

In an effort to create more opportunities for those aspiring to enter the workforce, the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH by its Spanish initials) announced its latest “Dress for Success” project on Wednesday.

This initiative, which is part of the “Puerto Rico Está Faja’o” campaign, aims to provide, free of charge, appropriate clothing for job applicants looking to make their best impression during a job interview.

Regarding the initiative, which is being carried out in partnership with the organization Recicla Viste Ayuda Puerto Rico, Labor Secretary Gabriel Maldonado González noted that “part of our mission at DTRH is to promote a fair, inclusive and prosperous labor market for all citizens of Puerto Rico.”

“That’s why Dress for Success is another step in the direction of making this mission a reality for every person looking for employment opportunities,” he said. “Access to appropriate professional attire can make all the difference on the path to job success and we are committed to contributing positively by providing tools for every job applicant to achieve a promising future.”

To obtain the clothing, go to the DTRH headquarters in the Prudencio Rivera Martínez #505 building on Muñoz Rivera Avenue in Hato Rey. On Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to noon and Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. visitors will be able to access a comfortable space where they will find outfits such as suits, shirts, jackets, skirts, ties and shoes, among others. It should be noted that the clothing is delivered ready to be used, which includes washed and ironed.

In addition to the donated clothing, attendees will have the opportunity to register on the Employment and Recruitment Portal to Facilitate Labor Integration, an agency tool powered by artificial intelligence that is available through The innovative platform identifies job opportunities based on the applicant’s skills, abilities and interests, while connecting them with employers in different industries.

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