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LUMA to replace lighting in San Juan legislative district

By The Star Staff

District 3 (San Juan) Rep. José “Cheito” Hernández Concepción met with LUMA Energy President Juan Saca and Puerto Rico Electric Energy Authority (PREPA) Executive Director Josué Colón Ortiz on Monday to establish a plan for replacing street lights in numerous communities in the island capital.

At the meeting, the New Progressive Party lawmaker requested that the breakdowns in the electrical system in the most populated district of the island be addressed quickly.

“For us, the electrical system in our district is a priority,” Hernández Concepción said. “We have been forceful and consistent in demanding improvements in the transmission and distribution of electricity, which is why we emphasize that breakdowns must be reduced in areas such as Villa Andalucia, Venus Gardens, and the Figueroa neighborhood sector, among others. Waiting times for repairs are unacceptable and must be improved.”

Hernández Concepción obtained a commitment from LUMA, which operates the island’s electrical transmission and distribution system, that its personnel will replace feeders and poles at an accelerated pace. As part of the renewed effort, several obsolete systems that provide energy to the Park Gardens development sectors and the Concordia condominiums, among others, were replaced.

The lawmaker also stressed the urgency of replacing the lighting structures in the metro area.

“I was clear with the LUMA staff: we have to work on the lights; our communities must be illuminated at night,” he said. “We understand the complexity of the work in this area -- the changing of poles, the temporary disconnections of transformers -- however, this is a vital issue. … We achieved a commitment from LUMA to accelerate this work.”

Hernández Concepción also said he will monitor the commitments reached at the meeting and ensure they are fulfilled.

“The responsible oversight of LUMA, as well as [power plant operator] Genera Puerto Rico, will continue,” the legislator said.

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