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New video interface service to challenge field’s ‘widely accepted mediocrity’

By John McPhaul

The Puerto Rican CEO of Beacon Technologies Inc., Ángel Munoz, announced recently the date of the rollout of his for-pay video interface service BeaconMax, which he says has a number of innovations that place it above such services as Zoom and Facetime.

The rollout is scheduled for May 18, said Munoz, who operates the company out of Dallas, Texas (and who does not use a “tilde” in his name).

Among the innovative features of BeaconMax is a patent-pending simultaneous artificial intelligence multi-user interpretation feature called Voice which, Munoz said, is head and shoulders above existing translation features.

“It’s in the very nature of the computer. We asked why it is that translation is so bad,” Munoz said. “It turns out that human language is rife with errors preventing AI [artificial intelligence] from translating correctly. You need to make accommodations for the errors, and our AI corrects word errors not content errors. We’re ahead of everyone.”

You can select the voice that you want for the simultaneous translation.

“If you do not define [one of the eight] languages you want, all you get is English,” Munoz said. “It only does English automatically.”

The app has other innovative features as well. For instance, you don’t need to download the app to participate in a session. You only have to click on a link to log into the program initiated by someone else.

Munoz said his pursuit of perfection will have made BeaconMax a leader in a field in which, he said, “mediocrity is widely accepted.”

“The pursuit of perfection is not accepting that level of thoughtlessness,” he said.

The app also has a higher level of resolution, called Chrystal Clear, which is built into its architecture to a greater extent than the competition, Munoz said, adding that the process of developing BeaconMax has not been easy.

He paraphrases President John F. Kennedy on the reason the U.S. planned to go to the moon before the end of the 1960s.

“We do these things not because they are easy but because we thought they were easy,” he joked.

Beacon has 600,000 users on its free platform and 13,000 people pre-registered for BeaconMax ahead of the rollout. More information on the application is available at

Another curious feature of the BeaconMax brand is that the company’s logo will be a circle, which Munoz trademarked.

“We wondered if anyone had trademarked a circle; we didn’t even know if you could,” he said. “So we tried and it turns out we were able to trademark it.”

Beacon Technologies is partnering with Philippines boxing great Manny Pacquiao as its brand ambassador with a portion of the proceeds from the online interface going straight to Pacquiao’s foundation.

The foundation has done innumerable good works, “the most admirable being rescuing young girls, some seven to eight years old, from prostitution,” Munoz said.

Munoz said he had investors offering him first $80 million and then $100 million for the company, which he immediately turned down.

“I think it’s worth a lot more than that,” he said.

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