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Nurses alert public to dengue risks

Susan Figueroa González, president of the Nursing Professionals Association

By The Star Staff

Nursing Professionals Association President Susan Figueroa González urged the public on Thursday to take preventive measures due to the increase in dengue cases on the island.

“Before reaching an epidemic level it is necessary that we exercise caution; dengue in all its variants requires medical assistance, hydration and rest,” the health professional said in a written statement. “Health authorities are warning of an excessive increase in cases. There are regular symptoms such as headache, fever, and drowsiness, among others. These can be dangerous for some populations, especially children and older adults.”

The Health Department has confirmed a spike in cases across the island with more than 400 recorded infections so far this year. Due to the magnitude of spread, Figueroa González said, prevention is a key element in controlling the disease and anyone who detects any symptoms or warning signs should go to an emergency center immediately.

“The prevention and elimination of breeding sites for mosquitoes that transmit the dengue virus is essential,” she said. “The population must keep spaces clean and eliminate containers that accumulate water. The use of repellents to prevent bites is a good option. We have seen patients who present sensitivity, nausea, muscle discomfort, a feeling of tiredness and even difficulty breathing. If you detect these symptoms, you should consult your doctor without delay.”

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