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OIG report finds faults in Public Safety Dept. operations hampering reorganization

By The Star Staff

An examination by the Office of the Inspector General of Puerto Rico (OIG) into the operations of the Department of Public Safety (DSP by its Spanish initials) uncovered numerous administrative problems in the agency’s operating structure that have delayed its reorganization process required under a 2017 law.

The DSP did not immediately answer requests for comment.

The examination found a lack of mechanisms to measure the execution and monitoring of reorganization efforts. Furthermore, at the date of the evaluation, the DSP did not have updated written work plans to manage or supervise the managerial and fiscal services of the department itself and its operations.

The DSP has not updated its regulations, has deficiencies in the purchasing area as it lacks a uniform contracting process, does not provide employee training and lacks a system of human resources, has failed to transfer equipment and property, and has had delays in the consolidation and interoperability of information systems.

The evaluation carried out on the documents and information collected shows that the processes to reorganize, reform, modernize and strengthen the Public Safety Department and its bureaus have not been completed.

Under the provisions of Article 17 of Law No. 15-2017, the Inspector General report is sent to the appointing authority so that the official can put in place the relevant corrective measures for noncompliance with internal procedures by its employees and notify the OIG of the actions taken to ensure faithful compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The OIG said it is committed to promoting optimal levels of integrity, honesty, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in public service. Likewise, it rejects any act, conduct or indication of corruption by public officials or employees that infringes on the credibility of the Puerto Rico government and its entities.

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