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Owner of Auto Germana arrested in DR

Donald Guerrero

By The Star Staff

The Dominican Republic Attorney General’s Office reported Sunday that it had detained three former officials of the past government of Danilo Medina Sánchez including Donald Guerrero, owner of Puerto Rico’s Auto Germana, during several raids carried out in different sectors of Santo Domingo.

The Dominican Prosecutor’s Office told the press that among those arrested are former ministers Gonzalo Castillo, Public Works and Communications, and José Ramón Peralta, Administrative of the Presidency; and Guerrero, of the Treasury, who are also part of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

According to reports, the arrests were carried out for interrogation purposes in cases of corruption in the past administration.

The Anti-Fraud Unit of the comptroller general accuses Guerrero and other individuals in an alleged corruption network that defrauded the Dominican Republic of more than 17 billion pesos (around $314.5 million) in an alleged land expropriation scheme.

Castillo, who was a presidential candidate for the PLD in the 2020 elections, is being investigated for the contracting without bidding of 38 companies for the purchase of asphalt concrete for an amount of 11.5 billion pesos ($212.75 million).

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