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PDP congressional candidate denounces lack of control offer pay raises for trusted candidates

By The Star Staff

The Popular Democratic Party candidate for district five of San Juan, Guaynabo and Aguas Buenas, Dr. Elba Beatrice Rivera Estrada denounced Monday the lack of control over the increase for “trusted employees” in government agencies.

“This morning I am denouncing that secretly, trusted employees of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Retirement Board, all affiliated with the New Progressive Party (NPP), have received salary increases in a festive manner,” she said.

Rivera Estrada pointed out that the raises for trusted personnel range from $800 and $900 per month to $1,000 per month in some cases and a $2,000 increase for the executive director. “This government of Pedro Pierluisi has government agencies as if it were the ATM of the New Progressive Party (NPP), where the indications in various government agencies where increases are being authorized in a hurry in an election year are already public,” she said.

On this issue, the executive director of the Office of Management and Budget, Juan Carlos Blanco, told the press that salary adjustments have indeed been granted to trusted employees, but he could not specify how many workers have benefited from the increases. “I join the call made by Rep. Domingo Torres, that the central government presents a complete list of the number of trusted employees who benefited from the salary adjustments, by the agency, and the total expenditure that it represents for the treasury.

The PDP candidate is currently a career employee at the managerial level, has been working at the agency for 23 years and serves as manager of the customer service area (call center) of the Retirement Board.

“Last week, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi pointed out that the Fiscal Control Board is allegedly reviewing a classification and remuneration plan for trusted employees, but how is it possible that there are raises in a hurry and in dark rooms to certain trusted employees affiliated with the NPP? This is the question!” concluded Rivera Estrada.

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William Rosa
William Rosa
Apr 09

Dr. Rivera Estrada had a point regarding the "trusted employees;" the process, including the rationale justifying the salary increment and the duties attached to the position in question, should be public and verifiable by others. However, what Dr. Rivera Estrada is demanding is exactly what her political party has always done; thus, it's right what she is saying but she has no moral stature to demand what she or the PPD can't produce.

Regardless, if it's the PPD/PPN or one of their reps, they aren't reliable, honest and much less committed with PR; they sole goal to enrich themselves through all kind of ruse to hide their operations. It's time for them to set aside and permit the real Puerto…

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