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PDP opens process to fill vacant assembly seat in San Juan

Popular Democratic Party Secretary General Ramón Luis Cruz Burgos

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Secretary General Ramón Luis Cruz Burgos, PDP Electoral Commissioner Ramón Torres and Municipal Committee President Rossana López announced on Monday the opening of the process to fill the vacancy in the San Juan Municipal Assembly after the resignation of Dr. Margarita Ostolaza.

“This process will be a transparent and democratic one, the Popular people of San Juan will decide who fills the space left by a great inspector and worker like Margarita Ostolaza,” Cruz Burgos said in a written statement. “Anyone who wants to work to rescue San Juan and return it to the hands of the PDP with a healthy administration is welcome to present his or her candidacy.”

The filing of candidacies will start today and will end on Thursday at noon. All applicants must fill out the same documentation that is required for any elective position in Puerto Rico, as provided by law.

Cruz Burgos said the people with the right to vote will be the members of the municipal committee as established by article 129 of the PDP regulations.

The election will be on Saturday at the PDP Central Committee, where electors will vote in a process that will be supervised by the electoral commissioner’s office and the secretary general.

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