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PDP president launches the Future Committee initiative

The President of the Popular Democratic Party, Jesús Manuel Ortiz, today introduced the Future Committee with the participation of a group of young party members.

By The Star Staff

The President of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Jesús Manuel Ortiz, today introduced the Future Committee with the participation of a group of young party members. This is an initiative aimed at developing youth leadership within the Popular Democratic Party. The committee will be led by Swanny Enit Vargas, the President of the National Youth, and Luis Herrero, Esq., who will serve as the Executive Director. Their task is to create and recommend institutional public policy proposals focused on young people, foster leadership skills, and develop strategies for a voter registration campaign targeting young voters.

“Today, it is urgent and imperative for young people to engage in politics, to see politics as a means to advance their visions for the country. After all, they are the ones who will enjoy the future benefits or face the consequences of misguided policies. But for this to happen, their concerns and interests must be taken into account,” expressed Ortiz González.

He also added that the future of PDP depends on the interest of young people and their active involvement in political processes. “We open wide the doors to our young people so they can help enrich our efforts with their energy, enthusiasm, and their capacity to dream big. The time is now. Today, we initiate the reinvigoration of the Popular Democratic Party to once again be the party that fights to enhance the quality of life for our people above all else. As the President of the PDP, I have tremendous faith in this endeavor. I firmly believe in the potential for change among our young people, and I share their unwavering desire to make a difference. I invite my fellow party leaders to believe in this project, just as we do. I invite them to have confidence in our young people and recognize the necessity of passing the baton to begin building the future,” he said, while acknowledging the experience of party veterans, thanking them for their sacrifices and contributions, and urging them to serve as mentors for the youth.

Previously, the National Youth organization selected topics they wish to discuss and provide ideas about, to develop an institutional vision based on these issues. Among the topics discussed in their initial meeting are economic development, affordable housing, education, healthcare, security, and governmental reform. They may also discuss other social issues of importance to the party, such as the new labor market, pet rights, and the emigration of professionals, among others.

“The PDP is the party with the richest tradition and history in Puerto Rico. Those of us who are here believe in and defend that history, and we believe in the capacity of the Popular Democratic Party to reinvent itself. This capacity for reinvention stems from the roots of our party, which, in its time, halted the land monopolies of the wealthy and secured land and shelter for our people. It promoted decent employment conditions and salaries for Puerto Ricans. It championed significant social reforms to secure rights and protect our people from all forms of discrimination. It created Law 54 against domestic violence, among many other initiatives that were closely tied to the needs of the moment. Now it’s our turn to do the same,” he enumerated.

The Future Committee has until March 2024 to draft a document with recommendations and proposals that will be presented to the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. They will also replicate the same process of meetings in the senatorial districts so that young people who couldn’t attend the gathering in San Juan can offer their ideas and perspectives.

“The most important aspect of this group is that we don’t want it to be limited to young people who are members of the National Youth of the PPD. We are extending an invitation to all young people who may not be members of political parties or our party but share our concerns and can identify with the solutions we seek for the issues facing Puerto Rico today. Today, we invite them to participate in the Future, Committee” he emphasized.

In addition to this effort, the Committee of the Future will work on designing strategies and campaigns to attract young voters to the party. “Young people need to know the origins of the party, the principles we uphold, and how they align with the current reality. This much-needed repositioning requires active participation from Puerto Rican youth. That’s why this group will develop an educational campaign to engage more young people in our party,” he asserted.

“To win together in 2024, we must work together for our collective benefit. Therefore, it is important to create spaces where young leadership that wishes to contribute can do so genuinely. Undoubtedly, this effort will prepare the PPD for the challenges of the future,” he concluded.

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