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PDP presidential candidate Ortiz González presents initial points in action plan

By The Star Staff

Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz González, a candidate for the presidency of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), presented on Tuesday the first points of his action plan for the PDP.

Ortiz González also announced the components of his campaign committee for the election on May 7.

The first part of Ortiz González’s plan focuses on the effective and planned reorganization of the PDP around the island. To this end, he noted the implementation of special measures for such a reorganization process following a strategy that involves the execution of a plan designed for the particular conditions of each region. Among the measures presented are:

1. Conduct an accurate review of the status of the reorganization carried out so far throughout Puerto Rico. A team will be appointed for the task and will deliver a report to the president within 15 days.

2. Create a Metropolitan Reorganization Task Force that would be tasked with designing a specific reorganization process for San Juan, Bayamón and Guaynabo. The metropolitan plan must adjust to the current reality of the area and include strategies to address it.

3. Create the Group of 15, which would be in charge of assisting in the reorganization and political work in 15 municipalities. Those municipalities will be selected using as a metric: recovered municipalities (last election), lost municipalities (last election), and corruption cases, among others. The team will work hand in hand with mayors and municipal presidents.

4. Appoint eight district assistant secretaries, to be named by the president, who would report directly to the secretary general. Their function will be to work together with the district board in the swift response to controversies and other political issues in the region.

“These first points are aimed at determining the current reality of the reorganization at the island level so that specific processes can be directed to address the political situation of the PDP in the metropolitan area and in municipalities with particular situations,” Ortiz González said. “There is a lot of work and time is pressing.” A number of colleagues in the island Legislature are supporting Ortiz González’s candidacy, along with mayors Juan Carlos García Padilla (Coamo) and Carlos Ramírez (Arecibo), among other leaders to be heard from later.

The candidate also announced that Aguada Mayor Christian Cortés will serve as his campaign director. Cortés is a lawyer and engineer and is in his first term as mayor.

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