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Pierluisi says no time for talk of González Colón possibly running for governor

By The Star Staff

For Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia, talking about the possibility that Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón will run for governor is a distraction, the governor said Tuesday.

“Those are distractions; that is, I am focused on my work and everyone already knows that I am going to file my candidacy when it is time to do it, which is when the candidacy process opens,” Pierluisi said in response to questions from reporters. “I don’t have time for distractions.”

“I’m not even going to answer, because it’s really distracting,” the governor added. “I am focused on providing the people of Puerto Rico with the excellent service they deserve. I’m focused on keeping Puerto Rico’s economy going. I am focused on the reconstruction taking place. How it is going at full capacity. Basically, the construction industry is fully capable of what I’m focused on at the time. I’m sure I’m going to present that candidacy and we’ll see who the other candidates will be. It’s not that no, I’m not afraid of anyone in particular, I’m going, I’m going head-on, I’m going to that re-election based on my worksheet, not based on gossip.”

González Colón has reiterated on several occasions that she is seriously considering seeking the New Progressive Party candidacy for governor in next year’s elections, but doesn’t plan to make any formal announcement until December at the earliest.

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