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Police arrest 167 people for drunk driving in a week

By The Star Staff

Highway Patrol Division agents attached to the Puerto Rico Police Bureau made 167 arrests in a week for driving while intoxicated.

During the week agents carried out a total of 18,532 interventions, including six for the Weapons Law, four for controlled substances, two for obstruction of justice and one for Law 54, the domestic violence law. They also intervened with 89 unauthorized drivers.

Amid those interventions, a total of four pistols, three revolvers, and 173 units of ammunition were seized, along with five jars of marijuana, 21 bags of cocaine and eight bags of marijuana.

As part of the work plan, the officers also confiscated six vehicles and one was recovered. In total, they obtained $9,249 in cash and $9,000 in bail.

It should also be noted that during the weekend there were no fatal accidents on Puerto Rico’s roads.

The number of fatal accidents stands at 136 so far in 2024, which represents 20 fewer accidents compared to the 156 reported in 2023.

The breakdown of fatal roadway accidents for the year as of Monday was as follows: 46 drivers, 15 passengers, 29 pedestrians, 38 motorcyclists, five cyclists, and two riders and one driver on a four-track.

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