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Police commissioner: Death initially reported as suicide has been investigated as femicide ‘since day one’

Neishmarie Estrada Serrano (Facebook via Las Voces Del Sur Oficial)

By The Star Staff

Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa said earlier this week that the death of Neishmarie Estrada Serrano, initially reported as a suicide by her partner, has been rigorously investigated since day one under the island’s femicide protocol.

“Neishmarie’s death is being investigated, from the beginning, according to the Protocol on Femicides and Transfemicides, in the same way as we do with all violent deaths where the victim is a woman,” López Figueroa said in a statement. “As part of the investigation being conducted by the Domestic Violence Division and the Fajardo Criminal Investigation Corps, no angle is being ruled out, nor is the reported suicide being taken for granted.”

“Neishmarie’s family can rest assured that we are putting all the necessary resources into conducting a thorough investigation, unhurriedly, but diligently, to find the truth of the facts,” Lopez Figueroa added in Tuesday’s statement.

The death of the mother of three sons, a nursing student in her late 20s, was reported last Sunday in Fajardo as a suicide by her partner, who told the authorities that when he arrived on Sunday night at the apartment they shared in the La Loma Condominium in the northeastern coastal town, he found her dead in one of the rooms. Estrada Serrano’s body had a bullet wound on the right side of her neck, and initially it was presumed that the wound had been sustained from a firearm for which she had a license.

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