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Police: Security guard assaults woman in Santurce bar

A private security guard at a bar in Santurce reportedly struck a female patron in the head with a metal detector after she exchanged words with another security guard early Sunday morning, police said.

By The Star Staff

The San Juan Municipal Police on Sunday answered a complaint of an assault against a client in the Vibra Lounge on Orbeta Street at the corner of Duffault in the Placita de Santurce.

“Around 3:35 a.m. today, Sunday, April 23, it was reported that a female was assaulted at the Vibra Lounge establishment. It emerged from the investigation that Mrs. Elia Jiménez Rivera was in the place, along with other people, and that a private security guard on duty allegedly made derogatory comments about the people who accompanied her, who do not understand the Spanish language,” San Juan Deputy Commissioner of Police Juan Jackson said. “When she complained to the guard, there was an argument and another private security agent identified as Sergio Velázquez Cruz assaulted the woman by striking her in the head with a manual metal detector, causing an open wound. The husband of the assaulted lady, Miguel Sierra, tried to take a photo of the incident and he was also hit in the face by Velázquez Cruz.”

According to reports, Mrs. Jiménez Rivera was transferred in a private vehicle to the Pavía Hospital in Santurce, where she remained under observation Sunday. Velázquez Cruz, meanwhile, arrived at the Santurce precinct house, where he was placed under arrest and placed in a holding cell.

The patient was expected to be discharged to consult the case with a prosecutor before the possible filing of charges.

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