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Ports chief: Ponce airport excelling in its transformation

A view of Runway 12 at Ponce’s Mercedita Airport

By The Star Staff

Ponce’s Mercedita Airport is excelling in the transformation of its infrastructure, Puerto Rico Ports Authority (PRPA) Executive Director Joel Pizá Batiz said when reviewing the investment in significant projects to strengthen the development of the island’s southern regional airport.

Pizá Batiz expressed satisfaction with the transformation that the Ponce airport is experiencing after a $12 million investment in its infrastructure, equipment and resources. He also reported on the work in progress and the projects under the air travel facility’s capital improvement plan.

“Ponce’s Mercedita Airport stands out in its transformation. This airport has not experienced an investment in its infrastructure, equipment and resources as in recent years,” the Ports chief said in a written statement. “The $12 million investment ranges from improvements to the passenger terminal, the air rescue building and operational areas. However, we continue to work to further promote its development. Bidding is currently underway for the rehabilitation of the pavement of the A (Alpha) front-east portion and the E (Echo), F (Foxtrot) & G (Golf) connectors.”

Pizá Batiz noted that among the most significant runway projects are: the reconstruction of Taxiway ALPHA, western portion, with an investment of $9.2 million; the application of asphalt emulsion (seal coat) to the extension of Runway 12 and turning area, with an investment of some $286,000; the installation of the Automatic Weather Observing System (AWOS) at a cost of $395,000; and the replacement of the runway signage with LED technology with an investment of $60,000.

Regarding the passenger terminal, the Ports executive director highlighted the expansion of the Boarding Waiting Area, with an investment of $790,000 of its own funds. In addition, the exterior lighting of the terminal; the installation of a 60-ton air-conditioning unit, as well as other new units and the installation of electrical generators of high quality, capacity and durability to meet operational needs.

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