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PR vets win 38 medals at National Veterans Wheelchair Games

By The Star Staff

Sixteen Puerto Rican veterans won 38 medals at the 42nd National Veterans Wheelchair Games, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Paralyzed Veterans of America in Portland, Oregon.

The games, held July 4-9, is a sports and rehabilitation program for the military. The events give participants the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and compete in the world’s largest wheelchair competition for veterans who use wheelchairs due to amputations, spinal cord injuries or other neurological conditions.

Each year, hundreds of veterans train and travel to compete in the games, the world’s largest annual wheelchair competition for veterans.

More than 20 events were held at the games, where veterans with similar athletic abilities, experience or age competed in disciplines such as adaptive e-sports, adaptive fitness, pistol and rifle shooting, archery, basketball, boccia, bowling, cycling, disc golf, field trials, billiards, pickleball, power soccer, wheelchair rugby, slalom, softball, swimming and table tennis.

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