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Pretty in pink

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

The unmistakable and iconic Valentino red has been put on pause. It is nowhere to be seen. Creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli changed all the rules and produced a triumphant collection of 81 looks in a single hue. Not red.

He introduced a fascinating and inventive vision for Fall — his own shade of pink. Welcome PP Pink. Daring, vibrant, loud, bold and fabulous!

Presented at Paris Fashion Week, Piccioli’s Autumn | Fall 2022 RTW collection is candy to our eyes. I mean, what’s not to love. Most women grow up loving all things pink. I know I do. At the beginning and before parents engaged in decorating baby’s new rooms in neutral shades, it was pink or blue. So a good number of women related to pink automatically. Almost emotionally, I would say. And nowadays, men love it too. It’s an irresistible color, people.

Pink is the word. Much to my happiness and everybody’s surprise, Piccioli painted the show completely in pink: the walls, the venue, the runway, the clothes, the makeup, the accessories. It was truly a scene to be seen. A wow moment to cherish.

Except for a few looks in black toward the end, the collection was a homage to the color fuchsia. And by doing so, we were able to focus so much more on the form, the silhouettes, the fantastic draping, the jaw-dropping tailoring, the scalloped hems, the strategic use of lace and tulle, the signature neck lines, and the embroidered details.

The monochromatic collection included mini skirts, ball gowns, capes, bubble dresses, tailored suits, cropped tops, bomber jackets, cocktail dresses and exquisite lace blouses. I do mean exquisite blouses, like garments worth the extra care to pass on from generation to generation. Perfect craftsmanship. Modern. Chic. Every statement look was a head-turner with intricate details and beading to die for. Go pink!

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