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Public is invited to learn about the Puerto Rico Cybersecurity Plan 2024

By The Star Staff

With cybersecurity incidents on the rise, the Office of Innovation and Technology Services will present the Puerto Rico Cybersecurity Plan 2024 next Tuesday at 11 a.m., when the agency will host a webinar to describe the plan to the general public.

“This plan has the purpose of designing, implementing and maintaining cutting-edge cybersecurity measures that protect the infrastructure of the Government of Puerto Rico and the data of its citizens, in addition to financing projects that address cybersecurity needs,” said Antonio Ramos Guardiola, the central government’s chief executive of innovation and information, in a written statement.

The Puerto Rico Cybersecurity Plan 2024 seeks to establish a resilient and dynamic environment through the development and maintenance of advanced cybersecurity capabilities. Puerto Rico is eligible to receive $12.6 million from the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program to strengthen its cybersecurity posture and reduce cyber risk for government agencies, municipalities and critical infrastructure sector entities islandwide.

“This plan integrates the entire island and details the cybersecurity objectives and goals, the projects to be carried out, and the roles and responsibilities of the interested parties,” said Poincaré Díaz Peña, the government’s primary cybersecurity officer.

The Cybersecurity Planning Committee (CPC) was established to identify cyber priorities, develop the plan and support its implementation. The CPC is made up of members of the government, municipalities, higher education and public health organizations.

“It is important that all sectors proactively get involved in the initiatives we are implementing to increase cybersecurity,” Díaz Peña said.

Those interested in attending the webinar can register online.

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