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Puerto Rico represented in high style at NYFW ‘24

Modelo con piezas de Armando Pereira anunciando su participacion en el NYFW

Armando Pereira presents his new collection

By Alexandra C. Flores Hernández

Special to The Star

As part of his professional development and achieving another milestone in his nearly decade-long career in the fashion industry, Puerto Rican fashion designer Armando Pereira will be showcasing his new collection, APereira, at the prestigious New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

The inaugural edition of “Made in Puerto Rico,” presented by Runway 7 Fashion, will take place at Sony Hall in Manhattan’s Times Square district on Feb. 8, starting at 6 p.m. Puerto Rico time. The event will feature the participation of 15 Puerto Rican designers and brands, with Pereira’s presentation scheduled for 9 p.m.

Armando embarked on his fashion journey in 2013, collaborating with friends and providing styling and image consulting services for urban genre artists such as Álvaro Díaz and Brray, who were in the early stages of their careers.

In 2015, known as Mandi Pereira, he started working at the luxury department store Nordstrom, expanding his knowledge of high-fashion brands and image consulting, and gaining more experience in the industry. Simultaneously, he began his studies in fashion and sewing at the Centro Moda Lisa Thon, where he later completed the course, placing second in the “Total Look 2019” category at graduation.

Upon completing his studies in 2019, Pereira organized an event in collaboration with a team of creatives and visionaries to bring his vision to life, showcasing his latest collection, RONIN.

The RIO event took place at Paseo de Diego in Río Piedras, transforming Carmen’s alley into a Japanese-inspired alley with neon lights and Japanese ornaments. With more than 400 guests, the night was filled with music, fashion and sharing. Rauw Alejandro, Cauty and Joyce Santana were among the notable participants. The event also featured the collaboration of Mel Michelle in makeup, Wiwi assisting with the looks, Auudi engaging the audience, and the Fubot collective in charge of music.

In 2022, Pereira organized another event, this time more exclusive and intimate, combining fashion with culinary art. Held at the Japanese restaurant Kaiju in Santurce, more than 100 guests enjoyed specially crafted dishes and drinks while having the opportunity to acquire pieces from the RONIN collection.

Throughout his 10-year career in fashion, Mandi Pereira has stood out in the streetwear scene for his attention to detail in both clothing and events. He is recognized for his creative and innovative concepts when presenting his collections, leading to collaborations with personalities such as Angel Manuel Soto, director of the DC movie “Blue Beetle,” Rauw Alejandro and Borilicious, among others.

Tickets to view this and all the runways on Feb. 8 can be purchased online at the official Runway 7 Fashion website,

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