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Qualified San Juan residents receive in-home rechargeable solar battery units

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo was on hand in the parking lot of Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum in Hato Rey late last week to distribute rechargeable solar batteries to residents who qualified for them based on functional diversity and/or chronic health conditions.

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico’s interest in solar energy has grown exponentially this year, with many residents getting on the rechargeable battery train. Considering blackouts occur constantly and hurricane season is in full swing, many residents could potentially be out of power if Puerto Rico takes a hit from a serious storm.

While watching Netflix isn’t necessarily a need for human survival, people who require special electronic equipment because of specific health conditions really do need their electricity to be working continuously as a matter of survival. The Municipality of San Juan has thought of this in advance and has prepared for such an event. With a $274,940.00 investment, the municipal administration late last week provided 150 portable rechargeable batteries with solar technology to residents who are bedridden. In this way, solar energy is being deployed to help residents with functional diversity and/or chronic health conditions and low or moderate income whose lives depend entirely on being connected to medical equipment to survive.

Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo was on hand in the parking lot of Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum in Hato Rey to deliver the rechargeable batteries.

“Our administration is committed to keeping our vulnerable populations safe” in the event of an emergency, the mayor said. “This is why in February of this year we started a project in which we deliver portable rechargeable batteries with solar technology. To date we have 890 eligible cases, of which we have already delivered 558 batteries.”

Qualified citizens received Yeti 1000 and Yeti 1500 model batteries. Each person received a battery with the appropriate capacity based on their medical need. The batteries can be recharged with solar panels, directly from a wall receptacle or in the car. The batteries possess a 120-volt receptacle for the connection of medical equipment, and each one has cables or materials for installation in a residence. The unit can be used indoors and has silent operation mode plus a five-year warranty from the moment it is received.

Prior to delivery, qualified citizens received orientation on the use and handling of the batteries and their operation. Then, the batteries were delivered to the Pedrín Zorrilla parking lot for drive-through pickup. Bedridden citizens and those with vulnerable health situations will be visited by the personnel assigned to deliver, guide and assist in the equipment process. In accordance with the purposes established by the American Rescue Plan Act, the Municipality of San Juan, through its Department for Community Social Development, will provide and distribute portable rechargeable batteries with solar panels to those citizens.

Romero Lugo added that “at the moment, we are in the first phase of the project, so every person who has been evaluated in it is registered in San Juan Va Por Ti.”

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