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Queen of perfection: a very stylish royal

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The STAR

Note to His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain: Please bring Queen Letizia of Spain with you on your next visit to Puerto Rico.

As a little girl it was my grandmother who woke me up in the middle of the night to watch Lady Diana get married. Everything changed after that. Princesses and fashion icons started taking up space in my Barbie World.

Real-life princesses were important growing up. Their background, their stories, their fashion choices, their style. Royals are fascinating to girls and women all over the world. Princess Grace, Princess Caroline, Queen Noor, Lady Diana and Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan were at the top of my list.

But in 2014 a former journalist and television anchor and presenter changed all the rules. Since then, Queen Letizia of Spain, with confidence and style to spare, has showered both royals and fashionistas with stunning looks to remember.

Without breaking the strict dressing rules of royals, Queen Letizia has taken a more relaxed and contemporary approach to fashion. And we love it. Whether attending official appointments and commitments, state dinners and galas, or vacationing with her family, the Queen is nothing but perfection.

The keen sense of style of this beloved fashion-forward monarch is fantastic. She knows how to play with colors, patterns and silhouettes to create sleek, polished and clever looks every single time. Queen Letizia is not afraid of color or bold choices. Plus she has a natural gift for recycling garments and evening gowns from her wardrobe, something we should all do more often if we want to help the environment. Movements like green fashion or eco-fashion suggest one way to contribute calls for prolonging the life cycle of materials and increasing the value of timeless garments.

The Queen also masters the art of wearing and mixing vintage, haute couture, high-end and affordable labels with glamor and elegance.

While seemingly partial to Carolina Herrera, the mother of Leonor, Princess of Asturias, and Infanta Sofía of Spain loves creations by Spanish designers Delpozo, Felipe Varela, Lorenzo Caprile, Pedro Del Hierro and Anna Locking. She regularly wears pieces by Hugo Boss, and champions Spanish labels like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Cortana, Tous and Uterqüe.

Queen Letizia’s ultra fit figure can rock any look, any brand, any trend. She will wow you with chic silhouettes or with 40-year-old gems like she did earlier this month, wearing a delicate Valentino first worn in 1977 by Queen Sofía, her mother-in-law. And watch her choices carefully. She knows how to be fun, edgy and modern without ever losing the royal touch.

Queen Letizia of Spain is at the top of her game. Leave it to her to wear snakeskin, without looking like Pat Benatar. Just as easily she can rock black leather leggings without hinting Olivia Newton-John. The key to her impeccable style? Smart, classy and classic. At the same time. I suspect the monarch also paid attention to Her Highness Coco Chanel: “… always look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Among The Queen’s favorite things: classic suits with statement blouses, sleeveless tops and dresses, wedge espadrilles, florals, sky-high pointy heels, midi dresses and the color red.

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