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Report: Co-founder of Google buys PR island

Cayo Norte (Wikipedia/NOAA)

By The Star Staff

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, expanded his collection of private islands with the acquisition of Cayo Norte, a large private island located east of Puerto Rico, in 2018, according to various news sources, including Business Insider.

The purchase was made for $32 million through a limited liability company, or LLC, identified by Business Insider as belonging to Page.

Page and his wife, Lucinda Southworth, are acting as trustees of the sole owners of U.S. Virgin Island Properties, the entity used for the purchase, according to the report.

The acquisition process included a large section of the island for $28.7 million and another smaller section for $3.4 million, totaling over $32 million, according to property documents and legal records quoted by Business Insider.

With the acquisition, which reportedly was conducted privately and quietly, Page owns a total of five known islands, according to Business Insider, which span the Caribbean and South Pacific. It is unclear if he has any more properties.

Cayo Norte, located about 20 nautical miles east of Puerto Rico and northeast of Culebra, is known for its white-sand beaches and coral reefs, and as a haven for endangered sea turtles.

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