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Resolution filed to reactivate Aguada sugar plant


Seeking to promote the sugar industry again on the island, New Progressive Party Sen. Keren Riquelme Cabrera on Tuesday announced the filing of a resolution aimed at studying the feasibility of reactivating the lands of the Coloso Central in Aguada for the planting and processing of sugar cane for sale, both locally, nationally and internationally. as well as for tourism development, among other purposes, thus promoting the economic development of the region.

“In 2014, the administration of that time announced that they would be rehabilitating the venerable Coloso sugar mill in Aguada to make a project, allegedly to make molasses to be sold in the local market; however, nothing was ever done and on the contrary, it was abandoned without pain and without glory,” Riquelme said. “The reality is that there is great potential in the development of the Coloso plant and its lands, so we will be filing a resolution to investigate the feasibility of a land rehabilitation program, planting and eventual processing of sugarcane in Aguada.”

The Coloso plant dates back to 1830, when the Hacienda Cano Las Nasas was inaugurated. In 1871 the plant was acquired by Emilio Vady, who baptized it as the Coloso Central (Central Colossus). In 1976 it was acquired by the Puerto Rico Land Authority. Coloso became the last sugar mill on the island in operation in 2001, until it finally ended operations in 2003.

“Industries that once disappeared can reinvent themselves and become viable and prosperous economic activities, generating their own income for the well being of their communities,” the at-large senator said. “That is what we are looking for with the land of the old Colossus power plant. The resolution will also investigate the current state of the land, the structure of the plant and the surrounding buildings. It is a complete study of what is there and a proposal for the future.”

In December 2013, 846 acres of land were cleared in the Coloso Valley in Aguada, including in the area of the plant, due to allegations that there was asbestos content in the area, and for the cane planting project that never happened.

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